Youth Mentoring

The Bridge Builders Foundation Youth Mentoring and Tutoring Program has evolved from a bi-weekly mentoring of middle and high school students since 2005 to our current effective collaborative model of a non-profit organization, public school districts, private corporations, and students into a unique and innovative mentoring and tutoring program. The core of the program is a Peer Tutoring component that employs high-achieving senior high schools students to tutor elementary and middle school students. In 2013, the program involved a collaboration between Bridge Builders Foundation (non-profit), AEG Corporation (for-profit), and three public schools – King Drew Magnet High School of Medicine and Science (LAUSD), Willowbrook Middle School (CUSD), and G. W. Carver Elementary School (CUSD). Under this model, King Drew students provide weekly tutoring on three days for both middle and elementary school students and participate in the AEG Job Shadowing Program, a key element of the Foundation’s mentoring program for high school students. The AEG Job Shadowing Program is conducted over six weeks during the Summer and exposes selected King Drew students to the workplace environment, alternative careers, and life skills development at several business sites coordinated by AEG Corporation. The Peer Tutors also have received tutoring training through a collaboration with UCLA.